What's your 3rd song called ? Xx by smileformebeforeyoudie

Here are all of them. They go in order.

+follow :3333 by p-r-e-t-t-y-f-a-c-e

Thank you!

I fucking love your blog, style, and music. May I have the soundtrack titles and such? by contr-addiction


(: There’s a list. And thank you so much!

translate to latin by murder-time-fun-time

The other person translated it for me. And no I don’t “like” murders. I think they’re fascinating but they’re not something to be liked.

not the anon but "te similis homicidia?" is Latin it translates to "you like murders?" by caz2y5

Thank you! 

te similis homicidia? by murder-time-fun-time

No idea what that means, even tried to translate it and it didn’t work. l: